Transforming mine waste into societal,
environmental and economic value


Fraser Alexander has served the mining industry since 1912

Our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated by our excellent track record in safety, employing and developing local talent, and minimising environmental impacts for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

We couple innovative business growth with positive environmental custodianship and community citizenship through the management of financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities.

Fraser Alexander, customised solutions to the mining industry

Community Investment

We strive to leave a sustainable legacy by ensuring that we build trust and empower the residents within our local communities. Our initiatives and programmes focus on education, healthcare, upskilling local employees, developing local enterprises and reducing our mining footprint where possible. 

Enterprise and Supplier Development

We contribute, through a number of ways, to the socio-economic development of communities surrounding our business activities. This could be through increased spending in an area in our host communities or providing skills development and training. We assist by increasing the capabilities of community-based small, medium and micro-enterprises as potential or existing suppliers to ourselves, our business partners and our host clients. Our aim is to encourage the economic independence of local communities both now and in the future.


We promote a “speak up” culture and have a toll-free ethics helpline that is managed and operated by an independent auditor. 

Fraser Alexander is committed to high ethical standards. We maintain a zero-tolerance stance on corruption, fraud, misconduct and dishonesty. This inspires the trust of our stakeholders, which is integral to the long-term success and sustainability of our business. The board assumes responsibility and accountability for good corporate governance while our Code of Ethical Conduct is applied to all our stakeholder interactions.


The health and well-being of our people are critical to delivering value to our business, partners and client base.

We focus on preventing and addressing long-term illnesses due to occupational health stressors. Regular medical surveillance and the ongoing monitoring and assessment of workplace health risks as well as the non-negotiable use of personal protective equipment and continual awareness training are some of the ways we manage occupational health.


We believe that zero harm at work and at home is attainable.

Our philosophy of always being alert, focused and never complacent is endorsed from board and executive committee levels to our operational frontlines.

Our people have a fundamental right to go home safely to their families after each and every shift. Safety can never be compromised.

Fraser Alexander, customised solutions to the mining industry

Environmental Stewardship

Natural resources require increasingly careful management to ensure their use for generations to come.

Considerable effort goes into making sure that we are responsible stewards of the environment and that we mitigate any potential impacts arising from the diverse functions we perform at our clients’ sites.

As a service provider in a sector with high energy and water demands, and the potential for environmental harm, Fraser Alexander enables the industry to achieve regulatory compliance. All the while optimising the use of these increasingly scarce and costly resources.


Innovation is the cornerstone of our business. We embrace the use of technology to manage our business and safety.

We are constantly looking for innovative ways to minimise risk. Most importantly, it is through innovation that we add value to our business and to our client’s business by making a sustainable difference to their projects and challenges.