Fraser Alexanders’ Safety Moments


Fraser Alexander prioritises health and safety!

At Fraser Alexander we strive to ensure that our services are consistent and meet our clients’ high standards of excellence. Safety moments are intended to supplement formal safety training safety policies and safety procedures, not replace them. Explore our library and share these ideas with your teams to help keep more people safe.


Handling chemicals safely means knowing what to get your hands on quickly. Even if you do everything safely accidents can still happen. Knowing where the nearest safety showers, eyewash stations, and spill kits are located, as well as the quickest way to get them!


Lockout is the isolation of energy from the system (which electrically locks the system in a safe mode. The locking device (or lockout device) can be any device that has the ability to secure the energy-isolating device in a safe position. However a lockout can also be physical based, such as a hard barrier or positive obstruction to prevent access from or to an object or person.

Distractive Driving

Distractive driving is any activity that could divert a persons attention away from the primary task of driving – remember you are not the only one on the road!


The hand is one of the most complex parts of the body. The movement of the tendons, bones, tissues and nerves allows a person to grip and do a wide variety of complex jobs.. Hands make a person a skilled, valuable worker.

Reverse Driving

Reversing out of parking or into parking could be a high-risk activity, especially at home. It is critical that during this activity the driver is 100% present and has full 360 degrees visibility.


Working at height refers to any work where a person could potentially fall and injure themselves; Any work that is done at 1.8m and above from the ground is considered to be working at heights and the necessary protocols should follow.


Working in close proximity of power lines can expose workers to electrical hazards, but these dangers can be avoided through safe work practices.

Fatigue Management - Managers

When you hear Fatigue Management you often think it is just for employees only, but managers are also employees of the company, and a loss of judgement can lead to serious implications and improper decision making abilities.


November to January, storms are more active in this period, with the often changing climate it is noted that severe thunderstorms are noted and a rule of thumb is : When it roars – Go indoors!

Microwave Safety -
Boiling Water

Micro-waved water and other liquids do not always bubble when they reach boiling point. They can actually get superheated and not bubble at all. The superheated liquid will bubble up out of the cup when it is moved or when something like a spoon or tea bag is put into it.


Robberies are on the increase on sites and the possibilities to be a victim can also easily happen in an office space.