Mining and Remining
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Mining and Remining
Mining and Remining

Mining and Remining

Unlocking value from dormant tailings facilities.

Mining and Re-Mining Solutions

State-of-the-art hydraulic mining and remining equipment ensure you the opportunity to capitalise on your tailings in a safe and effective manner. We have highly efficient equipment in operation to assist with mining and remining across our sites in Africa and South America.

We are reprocessing in excess of 10 million tonnes of tailings and mine waste every year. Let us utilise this experience to assist you in generating value from your tailings facilities. Fraser Alexander is a unique partner with expert design solution capabilities in mining and remining. This includes customised designs for your reclamation equipment needs, pumping systems, transportation and material transfer needs, screening requirements and 3D mine plan modeling.

Mining and Remining Maximum Value

If you want the maximum value for your effort, get in touch with one of our mining and remining experts. The solutions we provide for mining and remining include the option of funding the infrastructure and process plants with contracting models such as BOOM (build, own, operate and manage) and BOOT (build, own, operate and transfer) or the design and construction of client funded plants which we can operate and maintain.

Mining and Remining
Mining, Re-Mining, Remining
Mining, Re-Mining, Remining
Mining, Re-Mining, Remining
Mining and Remining


Tailings Reclamation Management

As a by-product of mineral and coal extraction, tailings are often considered to have little economic value. However as an industry-leading tailings management company, we have proven results of economic benefit to reclamation of tailings. These involve solutions which are good for both the environment and your bottom line.

Hydraulic Mining Solutions

One of the most efficient solutions for tailings reclamation is hydraulic mining. Our hydraulic mining solutions utilise high pressure pumping systems and specialised equipment to re-pulp tailings deposits, which allows for reprocessing. This, in turn, gives the opportunity to unlock the true value of tailings. Added to this, our tailing reclamation solutions cater for all material handling requirements, including the transportation of material from the reclamation site to the reprocessing facilities. Safety and compliance remain our top priority.

Tailings Reclamation

How does Tailings Reclamation and Hydraulic Mining assist your facility?

Mining and Remining


Automated Pump Stations for Mining and Remining Facilities

Looking for an efficient way to reduce safety risks on your facility? Automated pump stations prevent human error in start/stop code sequencing, thereby lowering risks of incidences.

Automated pump stations are also an important solve for companies looking to cut expenses. Currently, manually operated reclamation plants can cost as much as 40% of an operation’s budget.

A further boon of automation is that equipment is always used correctly. This reduces wear-and-tear and increases the lifespan. Finally, automated pump stations allow for a more integrated approach. The system becomes balanced and the relative density of the product is maintained within specification. This means you will not only find automated pump stations a significant cost saver but it will also improve safety and efficiency.

What does this mean for your facility?
Mining and Remining


Remotely Operated Mining Units for Hydraulic Reclamation

Fraser Alexander offers remotely operated mining units designed to conduct hydraulic reclamation within any harsh mining environment, whilst ensuring full safety of the operator. This improves the overall efficiency of reclamation and allows Fraser Alexander to serve our clients with more confidence.

The units are monitored and operated remotely from within a controlled environment. Human contact with the mining unit is thus limited to refuelling, maintenance and the extension of connected piping. Even then, the mining unit will not be operational to ensure the safety for all involved. A ROMU allows our team to reproduce the most efficient hydraulic re-mining pattern for a specific scenario from a list of pre-programmed patterns.

Remotely Operated Mining Units
What does this mean for your facility?
Mining and Remining


Tailings reclamation run the risk of oversized and foreign material like vegetation and other waste blocking the system. The best way to avoid this is through mechanical screening. Fraser Alexander has an answer for this through its highly effective In-Dam Vibrating Screen.

This smart screen solution can be remotely controlled and monitored via a live feed, keeping you abreast as to current conditions in-dam. It has the added benefit of being less labour intensive, freeing up your manpower for other important work as well as increasing safety for all. Our aim is to increase product throughput, increasing enterprise profitability.

What does this mean for your facility?
Mining and Remining


Remining with Hydraulic Mining

Over decades Fraser Alexander established a unique way of remining old tailings facilities for re-processing, due to improved equipment technologies.

The application and effectiveness of the hydraulic mining method is a function of various factors ranging from topography, site layout, hardness of material, particle size, moisture content, and the velocity and water pressure required. Success of the hydraulic mining application is based on site specific designs as every site has its own solution. We have the ability to customise a design that suits your needs.

Specialised Hydraulic Mining Solutions

Through Fraser Alexander’s Global Tailings Divisions, we have proven to be one of the largest remining companies in the world. We have successfully mined tailings of various commodities throughout the mining industry. Different mining methods are being used and mining plans can be adjusted to optimise production and deliver consistently within narrow density ranges. Over the years Fraser Alexander has developed various hydraulic mining methods and a range of specialised equipment to support this world class application.

Hydraulic Mining

How can Hydraulic Mining assist your facility?

Mining and Remining


Your dormant tailings facilities can become valuable through Fraser Alexander’s re-mining solutions.

We can enhance these facilities through industry-leading 3D modeling and effective mine planning according to the best possible resource extraction methodology. This enables us to partner with you in planning the most efficient way to extract value from your tailings facilities. Our mine planning capabilities are tailored for the hydraulic reclamation methodology applied to tailings reclamation.

Hydraulic re-mining leads the way in tailings reclamation. It relates to surface mining with specialised high pressure equipment and making use of the energy to re-mobilise the material. Hydraulic re-mining of tailings material is a safe and substantially lower cost base solution compared to dry mining. With 3D modelling, and effective mine planning we have formulated an efficacious operating procedure for evaluating and planning of reclamation operations. In the end, this results in a far more streamlined and efficient process.

What does this mean for your facility?
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