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Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Water treatment and management using the best-fit technology available.

Fraser Alexander services a range of water and waste treatment facilities in the mining, processing, petrochemicals, sewerage, and food and beverage industries. Whatever your need, from conceptual design to operational and maintenance solutions, we can help. Throughout our planning and implementation procedures, we ensure compliance is always our primary focus.

We get the best value for you through our various offerings and our aim is to uplevel your facility to be perfectly capable of reusing water, releasing it into the environment, and making water drinkable for self-sufficiency. The solutions we provide include the funding of the plants with contracting models such as BOOM and BOOT (build, own, operate and transfer) or the design and construction of client funded plants which we can operate and maintain.

Water Treatment
Water Treatment
Water Treatment


One major concern when working with metres or even kilometres of pipes is the wear on them. Especially corrosion, which causes its own contaminants.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about corrosive or scaling pipes when you team up with us. That’s because Fraser Alexander offers pipeline chemical conditioning solutions as part of our commitment to save you time and money.

You will appreciate the longevity of your pipeline, which ensures the facility’s water pipes won’t require full repairs or replacement for longer periods of time. What’s more, the pipeline chemical conditioning increases your pipeline’s efficiency. Pumping new life into your bottom line. So speak to us about the chemical solutions that’ll assist your team in avoiding corroded pipes, fouling and scaling.

What does this mean for your facility?


Fraser Alexander Water believes that environmentally responsible management during operations ensures sustainability. We assist you in utilising our operational and technical skills and expertise to ensure compliance to your IWMP / Water Use Licence conditions, supplying you with solutions to your water challenges.

Our treatment solutions include the designing, engineering, procurement, supplying, building, financing, commission, operations and monitoring, and transfer of water treatment plants. All labour and management services are included for you in our solutions. We have long established relationships with key players in the water industry in South Africa. We utilise the best ‘fit for purpose’ technologies into our solutions. Pipeline conditioning (corrosion, scaling and micro-biological control) also forms part of our offering.

What does this mean for your facility?


Our packaged sewage and potable water plants adhere to the highest global standards.

The packaged sewage plants effectively process sewage in a legislatively compliant way, ensuring you are legally-covered. Sewage is then safe enough to be discharged from your facility without impacting the environment or local community.

With our potable water plants, we use either conventional or advanced membrane filtration technologies. This enables you to produce clean drinking water from any water sources in the area. Making your facility selfsufficient and resulting in a trimmer expenditure. Speak to us about your specific needs and we will custom-fit the perfect sewage or potable water plant solution for you.

What does this mean for your facility?


We all have environmental concerns with regards to water affected by mining operations. Potentially hazardous water can have disastrous effects on both the community and environment you operate in. Fortunately, our treatment of mine-impacted water aligns with global safety standards. Thus, mitigating any legal or reputational ramifications.

Our water treatment plants can be customised to our specific needs. Which allows you to mine without constraint, free in the knowledge your facility is adhering to safety protocols. We also conduct trial runs for each operation, increasing our chance at obtaining the desired results. All the above is also available for any industrial project you are working on.

What does this mean for your facility?


Whatever industrial sector you’re in, but particularly in mining, you are probably interested in separating water from solids. We understand the multitudes of reasons for this: both from an efficiency and a legislative point-of-view. Which is why we provide effective separation solutions for you. We specialise in separating solids from liquids for solid reuse, liquids from solids for liquid reuse and separations for the reuse of both.

You can also opt for a solution that renders both liquids and solids safe to discharge into the environment. Our innovative chemical treatments provide efficient separations for coal washings, raw water, effluent streams, suspended solids and COD reduction. Whether for reuse or environmental law adherence, we ensure your operations run without a hitch as they navigate the sometimes tricky minefield of legislative compliance.

What does this mean for your facility?


When your water systems don’t work at full efficiency, your facility’s operations costs increase, sometimes drastically. Even worse, if there are structural weaknesses that have developed, there’s the potential for catastrophe. Fortunately, we provide you with a full systems technical audit on your entire waterworks system, including effluent and boiler water or steam systems.

Because of our vast technical skills in the area of water treatment, along with over 114 years’ experience, we’re able to pin-point problems with ease. A full audit will find the weak spots in your water systems, from pipes to plants. Based on audit results, we develop strategies and solutions that can be easily implemented to get everything flowing smoothly again.

What does this mean for your facility?
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