Solid-Liquid Separation and Dewatering


Whatever industrial sector you’re in, but particularly in mining, you are probably interested in separating water from solids. We understand the multitudes of reasons for this: both from an efficiency and a legislative point-of-view. Which is why we provide effective separation solutions for you. We specialise in separating solids from liquids for solid reuse, liquids from solids for liquid reuse and separations for the reuse of both.

You can also opt for a solution that renders both liquids and solids safe to discharge into the environment. Our innovative chemical treatments provide efficient separations for coal washings, raw water, effluent streams, suspended solids and COD reduction. Whether for reuse or environmental law adherence, we ensure your operations run without a hitch as they navigate the sometimes tricky minefield of legislative compliance.

What does this mean for your facility?
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