Tailings digitalised risk management system
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Operating and risk management of tailings storage facilities

The safe maintenance of tailings storage facilities are under increasing scrutiny worldwide. Our broad focus is placed on safely sustaining the mining industry and managing tailings storage facility risk. We are continuously innovating and improving our services and currently manage more than 100 tailings storage facilities worldwide.


Tailings Storage Facilities:

Tailings Risk Management

In managing internal and external risks posed by the Tailings Storage Facilities (TSFs) contracted to Fraser Alexander (which include deposition and re-mining operations as well as dormant TSFs), we are in the process of further developing and embedding a world-class tailings management and risk monitoring digital system called TORAS (Technical and Operational Risk Assessment System).

This digital platform is based on the company’s well developed operational, management and assurance processes and procedures, which are compliant with industry best practice and international legislative and governance requirements and standards.

The system enables us to determine and monitor operational risk and manage it collectively with our clients and the appointed Engineer of Record. The system is independently audited by tailings industry leaders on a regular basis. Our in-house training provides the necessary operational skills and a thorough understanding of risks at the ground level.

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