IoT and Monitoring Solutions


Fraser Alexander has its focus on the future, bringing technology and high-quality digital and automate solutions to enhance our management offering. All we do is backed by global innovation and new developments that are aligned to international standards suited to increase safety measures, productivity, visibility and bottom line. Choosing Fraser Alexander as your partner and guide ensures ongoing relevance and success for your business. Aerial survey solutions can be utilised for your construction, tailings facility, mining, reclamation and environmental projects.

Automated Meteorological Systems

Capable of providing data for virtually all-weather variables, the fully customisable weather observer can be assembled to each site requirement with a wide range of options and sensors. Receive climatic data via 3G/ WIFI straight onto a laptop or Android device. The unit monitors and measures a wide range of parameters, including temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall. This gives you a dashboard view from wherever you are.

Retrofit Piezometers (RFP’s)

RFP’s are a professional in-situ ground water monitoring system which can be retroactively fitted to existing standpipe piezometers. They provide a secure and compact automated water monitoring system. The data collected can be viewed from anywhere using any internet connected device, with the option to configure automated trigger alarms which can be sent via SMS and email.

Mobile Surveillance Units

Advanced mobile camera solutions provide significant value to operations by improving visibility and safety. The surveillance trailers can be rapidly deployed at practically any location providing security for remote sites, short-term events or off-grid locations. It is an ideal surveillance solution for locations without any fixed infrastructure for power or video transmission.

Tailored Monitoring Solutions

Fraser Alexander offers site specific monitoring solutions. A combination of the above mentioned products together with other existing services, tailored to meet the exact requirements of your project. Based on your budget, your operational needs and any technical demands, our holistic end-to-end service would include a site assessment, proposed solution, monitoring plan and final execution. Together, providing ongoing visibility and health of your facility.

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