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Cyclone Deposition gor Tailings Storage Facility Construction

Fraser Alexander has vast experience in the Cyclone Deposition Method of Tailings Storage Facility construction. In addition to traditional onwall cyclones, our enhanced Self-Propelled Cyclone Unit (SPCU) is a tracked cyclone cluster purposefully designed for your tailings deposition needs. SPCU’s help improves efficiency and increases stability of your tailings storage facility, thus reducing risk. Together with our tailings management and risk monitoring system, we ensure increased safety and efficiency.

Our SPCUs are fitted with a custom designed cyclone cluster, increasing accuracy and productivity. The improved manifold allows the feed for each cyclone to be adjusted individually giving the operational team a higher level of control and operational flexibility.

Speak to one of our experts about our cyclone solutions, including conventional cyclone solutions available.

What does this mean for your Tailings Storage Facility?
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