Hydraulic and mechanical re-mining. Unlocking value from dormant tailings facilities
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Mining & Remining

Hydraulic and mechanical re-mining

Hydraulic & Mechanical Remining

Our state-of-the-art hydraulic mining solutions enable our clients to unlock value from their dormant tailing’s facilities. We currently manage more than 25 hydraulic mining operations in Africa and South America, transporting in excess of 100 Mtpa of tailings material.

Since our inception in 1912, Fraser Alexander has executed most of the hydraulic re-mining projects completed in Africa and South America to date. This extensive experience, along with the fact that we re-process close to 100 million tons of tailings per year, has positioned us as one of the largest tailing’s reclamation companies in the world.

Mining, Re-Mining, Remining
Mining, Re-Mining, Remining
Mining, Re-Mining, Remining
Mining, Re-Mining, Remining

We Offer:

Mechanical Re-mining

A system of mechanical processes, including excavation, screening, sizing, transportation and conveying.

Hydraulic Re-mining

A process of using high-pressure water jets to re-pulp tailings deposits. We use hydro mining units that are manual or remote-controlled and trackless. Hydro mining units that are fully automated and control room operated are currently under development and will ensure a much higher safety standard.

We structure our solutions around manual or remote-controlled hydro mining units, depending on the operational conditions and the client requirements.

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