Automated Pump Stations


Automated Pump Stations for Mining and Remining Facilities

Looking for an efficient way to reduce safety risks on your facility? Automated pump stations prevent human error in start/stop code sequencing, thereby lowering risks of incidences.

Automated pump stations are also an important solve for companies looking to cut expenses. Currently, manually operated reclamation plants can cost as much as 40% of an operation’s budget.

A further boon of automation is that equipment is always used correctly. This reduces wear-and-tear, and so leads to a lengthier lifespan. Finally, automated pump stations allow for a more integrated approach. The system becomes balanced and the relative density of the product is maintained within specification. Which means, you will find automated pump stations not just a significant costsaving exercise, but one that improves safety and efficiency too.

What does this mean for your facility?
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