3D Modelling and Mine Planning


Your dormant tailings facilities can become valuable through Fraser Alexander’s re-mining solutions.

We can enhance these facilities through industry-leading 3D modeling and effective mine planning according to the best possible resource extraction methodology. This enables us to partner with you in planning the most efficient way to extract value from your tailings facilities. Our mine planning capabilities are tailored for the hydraulic reclamation methodology applied to tailings reclamation.

Hydraulic re-mining leads the way in tailings reclamation. It relates to surface mining with specialised high pressure equipment and making use of the energy to re-mobilise the material. Hydraulic re-mining of tailings material is a safe and substantially lower cost base solution compared to dry mining. With 3D modelling, and effective mine planning we have formulated an efficacious operating procedure for evaluating and planning of reclamation operations. In the end, this results in a far more streamlined and efficient process.

What does this mean for your facility?
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