Solid-Liquid Separation & Dewatering


Water remains the key medium that ensures efficient beneficiation processes but is increasingly scarce and costly. Whether it is to reduce consumption, mitigate the environmental impact of disposing conventional “wet” tailings or to reduce the effect of moisture on your product, we have a solution for you.

This solution includes appropriate combinations of centrifuges, hydrocyclones, high-frequency dewatering screens, thickeners and both plate-and-frame filter presses and belt presses. These units are mostly included within our standard process designs but can also be provided to you as standalone solutions. This may include the funding of the plants with contracting models such as BOOM and BOOT (build, own, operate and transfer) or the design and construct of client funded plants which we can operate and maintain.

How our Solid-Liquid Separation & Dewatering Processes assist your facility?
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