Fraser Alexander’s rich experience, range of specialised services, and network of suppliers, associates and technology providers makes us your ultimate mining and industrial partner.

Customised solutions

There’s only one local company that can harness a range of diverse services to offer you a solution that is customised to meet your exclusive needs, and that’s Fraser Alexander.

Using our broad and deep experience, established network of suppliers, and global best practices, Fraser Alexander is distinctly positioned to design, build, operate and maintain a solution just for you. No matter what your mining or industrial needs, we have the resources to tackle any challenge and develop a multi-dimensional, fit-for-purpose solution that addresses it.

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Integrated mining solutions

Fraser Alexander’s Integrated Mining Solutions (IMS) can address every step of the mining life-cycle, from infrastructure and box cut funding, planning and design, to development, production, remining and even mine closure and land rehabilitation.

Whatever your mining needs, our divisions work together seamlessly, to develop, manage and maintain an integrated and cost-effective solution for you.

Browse through our services to see what we offer, or contact us to discuss your mining needs

Packaged solutions

After more than a century in mining and related industries, Fraser Alexander has found that there are some common needs faced by many of our clients.

To address these,we’ve developed packaged solutions based on the capabilities of several of our specialised processing and treatment plants. These include:

  • Mineral processing
  • Waste treatment, and
  • Water treatment

Our packages are especially cost-effective thanks to the lack of erection costs, optimisation of funding, multi-use functionality, and the ability to pay only for services delivered.

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